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A Guide To Your New Mattress

A new mattress will improve your health, body and of course, your sleep again. but there are a few things you need to do before you can jump in to bed. Here are a few steps to take to ensure that you get the most out of your mattress.

You just bought a new memory foam mattress. It will be delivered rolled up, allowing for the cost of storing and shipping cheaper than a traditional mattress, help you save money! Once you have a mattress in the bedroom, unzipped the mattress (safely remove packages), allowing it to uncurl and it lies flat, ideally on top of a bed suitable base. Allow mattresses your breath.

Allow Your Mattress To Breathe

The mattress will need around 4 – 6 hours to fully expand from being tightly rolled up. This process will be faster if the room is warm, as memory foam responds to heat and the material will become more pliable. The mattress may well have been stored in a cooler environment, so this time period will allow the mattress to warm and soften all the way through.
New foam mattresses some time give off a harmless odour when first opened; this will subside in the first few hours and become undetectable to most people after a few days or occasionally up to a week. You may want to leave a door or window open to allow fresh air into the room.

Make Your Bed

Once your mattress has been allowed to fully expand, you can make up your bed and use your new mattress as normal. You will not need to do anything to break your new mattress in apart from sleep in it as you normally would. If memory foam is unfamiliar to you it might just seem a little firmer than the mattress you were used to. Don’t worry, your body will just need some time to adjust to the additional support that it provides; some people can experience mild aches and pains, as with any with any new mattress, but this should subside quickly.

Try It Out

The mattress will also soften, particularly within the first two weeks of use. For this reason we recommend that you sleep on your mattress for at least a month before drawing any conclusions as to whether it is suitable. There will also be a very gradual, natural softening over the course of its lifetime, with a typical softening of up to 20% in the first twelve months.
Don’t forget that with Memory Foam Warehouse you get a 60-night trial*, so if your new Memory Foam Mattress doesn’t feel right for you then you can exchange it for one of equivalent or higher value!

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