Thứ Năm, 1 tháng 9, 2016

Safety tips for buying pillow newborn

During pregnancy and after the baby is born, you always need the requisites for nurturing the baby. An indispensable for the baby that is the best side sleeper pillow.

To have a deep sleep little and really comfortable, the pillows are items play a role of paramount importance. But it's just a little furniture but it has a certain influence on the health and development of the child if the parents do not know how to choose the pillow for babies.  

Children under 3 months of age should not lay the pillow

The pediatricians that infants don't need to lie at this first dimension by pillow baby is equivalent to the width of the chest. Take a pillow for children using soft towel around 1 mm or put up a baby mattress just enough softness to older had those deep sleep. Parents should let the baby lie pillow when your baby is about 3 months old because when that baby's collar bone is also quite sturdy and the baby also has learned how to control his neck vertebrae.  

Select size pillows

When choosing to buy the pillow the parents should pay attention to the width, length, thickness as well as material pillows, pillowcases. Knee agony should not be too wide, just select the first child just enough to avoid inhalation. Do not choose too high or too low because the pillow will cause impacts on the respiratory system and the process of blood circulation in the neck, causing the children to sleep. About the width, just by a little bit or larger than the length of the shoulder. About the thickness of about 1-2 cm for the babies under 4 months of age, 3-4 cm for babies 6 months of age and 3-9 cm for babies from 3 years of age.  

Select pillow material

Pillow covers pillows, intestines with soft material is first interested in scroll select pillow for your child. Today, the bowel material pillows are very diverse, from the natural materials to artificial fibres, so parents should choose the prestigious quality brand to secure safety for health for our children. The parents should choose light pillow, gut ventilation, easy to dry to for regular washing, cleaning the intestine pillow. But the parents also shouldn't choose the intestine too soft pillows to the point when the child is older, permanently stuck down pillows. Need to choose the intestine pillow firmness and moderately. Because the hard pillows will not good for the child's skull, still soft and stuck too close to the nose may cause suffocation, baby. Especially the baby was, when baby face down then it will be very hard to flip back to the baby and the baby being choked ability is very high.  

Placing pillows for babies

According to experts, the most recent of knee deep towards the back, shoulder, neck collar slightly with stomping strides, heads off after 10-15 degrees will give the child lying most pleasant and safest. In addition, absolutely not recommended for older adults because the knee is easy lamb choked and weak head when sleeping and don't use too much bedding, or the shield software in baby bedding, baby quờ accidentally by if hand, screw in the face will risk causing him difficulty breathing. When buying pillows for children, parents, please lie factor "cute" of pillows to the side that focuses on the width, length, thickness as well as material knee to choose the best pillow for baby.